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Sponsors of the dog show confirmed:

Date: Tuesday 28th August 2018

1) Dog with the waggiest tail - sponsored by The Savile Arms (Church House)
2) Best veteran (over 7 years) - sponsored by Soroptimists
3) My best pal- junior handler - sponsored by The Flatt Top
4) Cutest puppy (under 1 year) - sponsored by The Shoulder of Mutton Briestfield.
5) Dog that looks most like it's handler - sponsored by The Town Unisex Salon - Thornhill
6) Dog the judge would most like to take home - sponsored by Secondary Steelworks Solution Ltd
7) Best in Show - sponsored by Natural Kirklees. 
Many thanks to all our sponsors, a great start to our fundraising. 
Get pampering your pooches!!!


Latest working day

Date: Monday 22nd August 2016

On Saturday 20th August the Friends Group were busy in the Park yet again. The working day regulars, Jayne, Andy and Tim spent a productive couple of hours cutting back the undergrowth  that was encroaching on the boardwalk and the bushes on the Church walk path. This has made it a lot easier to use the path and is another example of our Management Plan in action, as ever we were seriously short of volunteers "Many hands make light work". The work is a little heavy at the moment, if you can help please come along, 3rd Saturday of every month, meet in the top car park.

See the gallery page for photos.


Gala Photographic competition

Date: Wednesday 6th July 2016

At this years Gala on the 17th September, I am sure you will have the date on your calendars already, we will be holding the annual Photographic competition for the first prize of the magnicicent Savile trophy.

We are looking for entries from all age groups and abilities the only criteria is that the photograph must feature Rectory Park.

Other rules and regulations feature on our facebook page and are displayed in our noticeboard in the Park. Entries must be printed out and submitted on the day before 3:00pm for judging.


So come on all you budding David Baileys (ask your Grandparents !) get your cameras or phones out and snap away in the Park but make sure you have room on your mantlepiece for the trophy.


"Balsam Bashing"

Date: Saturday 18th June 2016

On Saturday 18th June the Friends working party carried out a very important task in the Park. It was on their monthly working day and they spent the morning "Balsam Bashing". The Park has more than it's fair share of Himalayan Balsam which is an extremely invasive plant that to stop its spread has to be removed each year before it flowers.

The plant is easy to pull up as its roots are only short and once uprooted the bashing begins. The only way to deal with the plant is to crush it's root and main stem and leave it to perish.


Jayne, Andy, Rob, Denise, Sharon, Michael and Tim cleared a large swathe near the dry stone wall between the Park and the farm but there is still more to do. If you fancy trying your hand there is still a couple of weeks before it flowers so get in touch through the website and help us eradicate this nuisance.


In the Afternoon the volunteers gave the Playground railings a second coat of their multi coloured paint. It is now looking a lot better than it's original drab green colour.


See the Galery page for pictures


Play area refresh

Date: Monday 16th May 2016


Over the weekend of the 14th and 15th May the Friends Group carried out the first part of their play area refresh which was funded by the "it's up to you"scheme.

A group of volunteers painted the drab looking railings in vibrant fresh colours to brighten the overall appearance of the play area and make it more attractive.

This turned out to be a marathon task which took the whole weekend and we still have the gates to do but I think you will agree it has transformed the look of the play area.

After the painting we are going to attach some wooden shapes to the railings so watch out for them.

Many thanks to Jayne, Andy, Beverley, Daniel, Jill, Katharine, Roger, Shaun, Georgina and Tim who gave up their weekend for the local community.


Look on the gallery page for pictures.




The RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 is the last weekend in January (27th-29th)

Keep checking back on here or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Friends-Of-Rectory-Park-Thornhill-144976896146919 to find out what we will be doing in the park to take part in this and how you can be involved!


Unclaimed Raffle Tickets


Friends of Rectory Park Gala 2017 Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

Ticket Numbers
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If you have any of these tickets please contact Tim on 07887 718914 to claim your prize.

NO ticket NO prize

Thank you for taking part in our raffle


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